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[Guile-commits] GNU Guile annotated tag, release_1-9-3, created. release

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: [Guile-commits] GNU Guile annotated tag, release_1-9-3, created. release_1-9-3
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2009 22:13:46 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU Guile".

The annotated tag, release_1-9-3 has been created
        at  6153f64c853fa65ddef1e2b45cab1dddf98aebdf (tag)
   tagging  db723980a4b1e4d4d4d665283d1bc0b792c751bf (commit)
  replaces  release_1-9-2
 tagged by  Ludovic Courtès
        on  Wed Sep 16 00:08:35 2009 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
GNU Guile 1.9.3 (alpha).
Version: GnuPG v2.0.11 (GNU/Linux)


Andy Wingo (45):
      remove deprecated functions from unif.c
      remove convert.{c,i.c,h}
      clean up libguile/
      rename scm_i_make_ra to scm_i_make_array
      rename ramap.[ch] to array-map.[ch]
      parts of unif.[ch] to array-handle.[ch]
      bitvector exodus from unif.[ch]
      rename unif.[ch] to arrays.[ch]
      add generic array implementation facility
      remove enclosed arrays
      move generic array foo out to its own file
      generic vector ops to own file
      uniform vector functions to their own file
      add registry of vector constructors, make-generalized-vector
      make-typed-array builds backing vector via make-generalized-vector
      any->u8vector and family now implemented in Scheme
      bytevector inlinedness indicated by flag, not length
      bytevectors have "element type" field, e.g. for generalized-vector-ref
      fix (bytevector-ieee-single-native-set! x 0 0)
      `load' autocompiles
      remove (ice-9 lineio)'s dependency on (ice-9 readline)
      procedure-documentation works on vm procedures
      autocompiled files before installation go to a cache dir in the builddir
      disable autocompilation in the test suite
      remove dead weight from vm-i-system.c
      reorder frame layout
      push new frame on stack before procedure & args
      update docs for calling convention change
      better VM error messages
      use primitive-eval in run-vm-tests.scm
      define @bind using syntax-case
      eval-elisp uses primitive-eval
      programs have their own tc7 now
      eval is actually compile
      Merge wip-array refactor, up to cd43fdc5b7a7c
      Merge commit 'origin/master'
      fix guile-readline linker bug
      actually install guile-tools
      fix uninitialized variable in scm_read_character
      Revert "eval is actually compile"
      fix case in which compiled path had stale .go, but fallback had fresh .go
      fix nontail loops within loops
      update NEWS
      update news; ready for 1.9.3
      fix compile-time bug compiling (+ "foo" " bar")

Ken Raeburn (3):
      Pick up in tree headers rather than installed ones
      Don't leave and reenter guile mode if mutex is available
      Make test-case compilation with -DSCM_DEBUG=1 work.

Ludovic Court`es (2):
      Tell `libgc' that we're using POSIX threads.  This fixes Guile on PPC.
      Reverted inappropriate merge in `gc.c'.

Ludovic Courtes (54):
      Merge from address@hidden
      Small fixes.  Gets to the REPL and `abort ()'s soon after.
      First ``working'' Guile!  Crashes in `flush-all-ports' (relates to 
      Fixed garbage collection of ports: basics work (no SMOBs, no guardians, 
no WHT).
      Added `scm_gc_malloc_pointerless ()', equivalent to `GC_MALLOC_ATOMIC ()'.
      Fixed GC initialization and static roots.
      First stab at implementing weak hash tables and vectors.  Unable to run 
the REPL.
      Fixed the weak cell implementation (for weak hash tables).
      Fixed `scm_fixup_weak_alist ()'; update weak hash table size as needed.
      First stab at the guardian implementation.  Works fine at first glance!
      Fixed weak alist vectors by having them use weak hash tables instead.
      Fixed `list->weak-vector'.
      Fixed printing of weak vectors.
      Fixed a typo/bug in `make-doubly-weak-alist-vector'.
      Fixes in weak hash tables handling, notably in `hash-fold'.
      Tiny updates in `environments.c'.
      procs/weaks/hashtab: Removed a bit of useless mark/free code.
      Disabled the `environments' unit test.
      Removed useless files; beautified `libguile/'.
      Removed the mark/free functions of continuations and threads.
      Added support for SMOB custom mark procedures.
      Generalized BGC's finalizer mechanism.  Use it in `guardians.c'.
      Fixed `scm_gc_register_finalizer ()' to avoid bootstrap problem.
      Removed the free function from the malloc-object SMOB type.
      Added support for SMOBs free function (via finalizers).
      Fixed the undocumented `scm_make_smob ()' function.
      Removed a lot of now-useless SMOB mark/free functions.
      Fixed use of finalizers for guardians and SMOBs (undoes patches 23-24).
      Fixed the SMOB mark procedure so that it handles free-list objects.
      Fixed a warning in `symbols.c'.
      Use the SMOB API in `coop-pthreads.c' rather than low-level primitives.
      Added support for the free function of structures.
      Removed unnecessary uses of class destructors.
      Removed the now-useless `scm_struct_free_*' functions.
      Use `scm_gc_malloc_pointerless' in various places (improves performance).
      Implemented port finalization.
      Implemented rehashing of weak hash tables.
      Moved weak pair code into `weaks.[ch]'.
      Minor weak hashtables fixes.
      Allow guardians to be GC'd before the objects they guard.
      Fixed `guardians.test' so that it does not use symbols.
      Re-fixed the hash table element counting in `scm_i_rehash ()'.
      Fixed symbols so that interned symbols are only weakly referenced.
      Have source properties only use regular GC mechanisms.
      Implemented `gc-stats' using `libgc' information.
      Turn "all interior pointers" off (slight performance gain).
      Expand heap size at startup time.
      Removed `scm_gc_registered_roots' and `scm_permobjs'.
      Use thread-local allocation (significant perf. improvement!); added the 
`boehm-gc.h' header.
      scm_gc_malloc: Handle zero-octet allocations.
      Fixed warnings due to unused stuff.
      Remove `scm_get_stack_base ()'.
      Add comment about `GC_local_malloc ()' upon thread destruction.
      Document the failure of `gc.test' wrt. unused modules.

Ludovic Courtès (136):
      Merge commit 'f30e1bdf97ae8b2b2918da585f887a4d3a23a347' into 
      Merge commit '032913739218c756f673bfb9c8f66ef9f8f02330' into 
      Merge commit '7337d56d5714227865aeca2b40b6bd97cce296d2' into 
      Merge commit '29776e85da637ec4d44b2b2822d6934a50c0084b' into 
      Merge commit '2e77f7202b11ad0003831fcff94ec7db80cca015' into 
      Merge branch 'master' into boehm-demers-weiser-gc
      Fix broken port merge.
      Fix broken GC and threads merge.
      Fix broken hash-table merge.
      Fix bug in port eviction code
      Adjust to be usable with `libgc' 7.1.
      Revert "Use Gnulib's `count-one-bits' module."
      Merge branch 'master' into boehm-demers-weiser-gc
      Fix detection of the GC version.
      Conditionalize GC 6.x code.
      Remove unused GC string/symbol functions.
      Add `scm_immutable_cell ()'.
      Use immutable cells (aka. libgc "stubborn") for subrs.
      Use immutable cells for closures.
      Add `scm_immutable_double_cell ()'.
      Use immutable double-cells for symbols.
      Use immutable cells for vectors.
      Remove GC-related code from fluids.
      Remove use of `scm_i_thread_put_to_sleep ()' in the string code.
      Remove code intended to put threads to sleep.
      Remove GC-related fields from `scm_i_thread'.
      Remove per-thread `gc_running_p'.
      Use the `GC_FREE_SPACE_DIVISOR' environment variable.
      configure: Look for `GC_do_blocking ()' and its declaration.
      Remove double inclusion of <config.h> in `threads.c'.
      Implement `scm_without_guile ()' in terms of `GC_do_blocking ()'.
      Use GC's accessors rather than its global variables.
      Merge branch 'master' into boehm-demers-weiser-gc
      Implement `scm_std_select ()' in terms of `scm_without_guile ()'.
      Don't use `scm_leave_guile ()' in mutex/cond-related procedures.
      Merge branch 'master' into boehm-demers-weiser-gc
      Add GC benchmarks.
      Expose `GC_dump ()' at the Scheme level.
      Document the impossibility to call the GC from within `on_thread_exit ()'.
      Don't invoke `on_thread_exit ()' from a pthread key destructor.
      Fix initialization of the SMOB GC "kind".
      Remove the SMOB mark procedure for source properties.
      Merge branch 'master' into boehm-demers-weiser-gc
      Work around unintentional retention of modules by the GC.
      gc-benchmarks: Add a Larceny/Twobit benchmark compatibility layer.
      Import GC benchmarks from Larceny, by Hansen, Clinger, et al.
      gc-benchmarks: Allow the iteration count to be passed to `gc-profile.scm'.
      Use `pkg-config' to detect BDW-GC at configure-time.
      Change `GUILE_VERSION' to `1.9.0-bdwgc'.
      Have `version' return `PACKAGE_VERSION'.
      gc-profile: Show the result of `(version)'.
      gc-benchmarks: Add `run-benchmark.scm'.
      gc-benchmarks: Add `gcold.scm', by Clinger, Hansen et al.
      gc-benchmarks: Adapt `gcold.scm' so that if conforms to the framework.
      Merge branch 'master' into boehm-demers-weiser-gc
      Fix typo in makefile.
      Fixlet for `run-benchmark.scm'.
      Merge branch 'master' into boehm-demers-weiser-gc
      Don't use `scm_immutable_cell ()' for subrs.
      Make variables related to the subr table size private and unsigned.
      Use `scm_gc_malloc ()' and friends when allocating the subr table.
      Remove useless cooperative multi-threading source files.
      Use `scm_gc_malloc ()' when allocating the allocated fluid vector.
      Use `scm_gc malloc_pointerless ()' in `scm_i allocate_string_pointers 
      Use `scm_gc_malloc ()' when allocating hook entries.
      Use `scm_gc_malloc ()' when allocating GOOPS `t_extension' objects.
      Publish the maximum number of SMOB types as `SCM_I_MAX_SMOB_TYPE_COUNT'.
      GOOPS: Statically allocate the SMOB class array.
      Publish the maximum number of port types as `SCM_I_MAX_PORT_TYPE_COUNT'.
      GOOPS: Statically allocate the PORT class array.
      Merge branch 'master' into boehm-demers-weiser-gc
      Add `DEBUG_GUARDIANS' macro for guardian finalization debugging.
      Increase chances that `guardians.test' can be successfully run.
      Move `guardians.test' to its own module.
      Merge branch 'master' into boehm-demers-weiser-gc
      Merge branch 'master' into boehm-demers-weiser-gc
      Remove unneeded VM SMOB mark/free procedures.
      Remove references to `scm_in_heap_p ()'.
      Remove unneeded SMOB mark procedure in `i18n.c'.
      Update `NEWS' for commit d8dd381fa781c236ae777ca1ac55b73d3ca91c2a.
      Thanks, Mike.
      Merge branch 'master' into boehm-demers-weiser-gc
      Fix malloc/scm_c_take_bytevector mismatch.
      Remove unneeded SMOB mark/free procedures.
      Use `scm_gc_malloc_pointerless ()' for bytevectors.
      Reinstate missing IA64 helper functions.
      Remove unneeded `scm_without_guile ()' call.
      Include "scmconfig.h" in <libguile/boehm-gc.h>.
      Simplify the creation of the SMOB GC "kind".
      Fix bogus computation of `vm->stack_limit'.
      Implement precise marking of the VM stack.
      Relax assumptions made in the precise VM stack marking procedure.
      Don't use a sub-`configure' for `guile-readline'.
      Aggregate `guile-readline' makefiles.
      Remove the `scm_tc_free_cell' SMOB type.
      Add missing `FUNC_NAME' definition.
      Merge branch 'master' into boehm-demers-weiser-gc
      Remove deprecated variables/macros from the GC headers.
      Add `BDW_GC_CFLAGS' to the `.pc' files.
      Use a TC7 tag instead of a SMOB for bytevectors.
      Remove the distinction between inline/outline storage for bytevectors.
      Fix `benchmark-guile'.
      Fix leaky handling of `scm_take_locale_{symbol,string} ()'.
      Remove the distinction between inline/outline storage for stringbufs.
      Fix leaky behavior of `scm_take_TAGvector ()'.
      Add test case for `scm_take_u8vector ()'.
      Fix invalid syntax in `dynamic-input-large.sch' (gc-benchmarks).
      Improve `gc-benchmarks/run-benchmark.scm'.
      Fix misleading comments in `gc-benchmarks/run-benchmark.scm'.
      Update `README'.
      Update documentation of `scm_gc_malloc ()' & co.
      Update doc of `scm_gc_protect_object ()' and SMOB mark/free.
      Avoid unneeded `scm_dynwind_free ()'.
      Merge branch 'master' into boehm-demers-weiser-gc
      Update `NEWS'.
      Link with `-z relro' when available.
      Remove unnecessary uses of `scm_{leave,enter}_guile ()'.
      Report missing libunistring at `configure'-time.
      Add `λ' macro as an alternative to `lambda'.
      Remove `scm_enter_guile ()' and `scm_leave_guile ()'.
      Remove unused IA64 macro.
      Rename "boehm-gc.h" to "bdw-gc.h"; add to the distribution.
      Update `scm_without_guile ()' documentation.
      Switch the `encoding*.test' files to LGPLv3+.
      Merge `libguile-i18n' into `libguile'.
      Update `NEWS'.
      Remove explicit thread/condvar/mutex finalization.
      Use GC-robust queues/lists in `threads.c'.
      Make the precise stack mark procedure more robust.
      Nitpick in `srfi-14.c'.
      "Document" the `set-module-eval-closure!' weak hash table glitch.
      Fix the (currently unused) weak pair accessors.
      Fix bug #27450 ("Fat mutexes not GC'd until their owner dies").
      Keep the weak pair API internal.
      Use fixnums for int32 when the native word size of greater than 4 bytes.
      Bump version number for 1.9.3.

Michael Gran (70):
      Benchmarks for common character and string procedures
      Avoid compilation warnings in SCM_MAKE_CHAR
      Avoid double-casts of stringbuf
      Display wide strings using escapes
      Misleading error message text in scm_i_string_writable_wide_chars
      Rename string-width to string-bytes-per-char
      Try to optimize scm_string for speed
      Add VM exception in strings.test
      Avoid possible mutex hang on error message output
      Updates to benchmarks for srfi-13
      Some srfi-13 test with wide strings
      Update srfi-13 functions for Unicode
      type limits error in string-tabulate
      Use string and symbol accessors with obarrays and keyword-dash-symbols
      Avoid accessing symbol internals in call_dsubr_1 and DEVAL
      Type-limits error in GC environment initialization
      Avoid type-limits warning in SCM_TO_TYPE_PROTO
      Use string accessors in scm_basename and scm_dirname
      Use symbol accessors in scm_gc_mark_dependencies
      Add initial support for wide symbols
      Use string accessors for string->number conversion
      Use uc_tolower in number conversion
      Avoid type-punning warning in scm_gentemp
      Use string and symbol accessors in struct, throw, and array funcs
      Modify socket and time functions for wide strings
      Avoid unpacking symbols in GOOPS
      Add full Unicode capability to ports and the default reader
      Unicode-capable srfi-14 charsets
      Segfault when writing non-Latin-1 characters under Latin-1 locale
      Always cast input to toupper as int
      Default srfi-14 character set information
      Script to generate srfi-14 charsets from UnicodeData.txt
      Fix FUNC_NAME definitions and #endif in srfi-14.[ch]
      scm_getc improperly handles Latin-1 characters
      Don't presume existence or success of setlocale in test-suite
      Cast the input to isalpha et al to integer
      Better range check for codepoints
      Surrogate characters shouldn't be in charsets
      More tests for chars.test
      More tests for chars.test
      Range check octal-escaped characters
      Fix encoding errors with strings returned by string ports
      Fix escape sequence normalization for wide strings
      Tests for display and writing of characters
      Update docs for Unicode characters
      char-set-xor! should modify the input parameter
      char-set-any improperly unpacks charset data
      ucs-range->char-set should not store surrogates and has off-by-one error
      char-set-filter! does not properly iterate over the charset
      The charset complement operator should not include surrogates
      Optimize charset union operator
      Unreachable code in charset set operator
      More srfi-14 char-set tests
      Remove always-true range checks in scm_i_ucs_range_to_char_set
      Modify read and print of combining characters
      Distinguish between all codepoints and designated codepoints in char-sets
      Add char-set debugging function
      Update docs and docstrings for Unicode characters
      Doc updates for srfi-14 character sets
      write-char should handle UCS-4 characters
      Initialize string ports with UTF-8 encoding
      Remove locale u8vector functions
      Doc updates for Unicode string escapes and port encodings
      Doc updates for character encoding of source code files
      Avoid string buffer overrun in scm_scan_for_encoding
      Fix broken interaction between readline and Unicode
      8-bit locale needed for 8-bit regexp tests
      Make scm_i_from_stringn into API for use with libguilereadline
      Avoid prematurely ending regexp test when ISO-8859-1 locale not found
      More setlocale robustness in regexp tests

Neil Jerram (44):
      Add a GDS protocol hook, that we can use for testing
      Add GDS test and documentation files
      Add more files that I wrote to the list in AUTHORS
      Thank people who provided reports or fixes for GDS
      Support multiple concurrent instances of Emacs + GDS server
      Ignore gds-test.debug and gds-test.transcript
      Merge branch 'master' into ossau-gds-dev
      Merge branch 'master' into ossau-gds-dev
      Remove the idea of a separate manual edition number
      Miscellaneous small updates
      Review/update sections on arbiters and asyncs
      Move `Continuation Barriers' to the section that covers continuations
      Move GOOPS documentation into the main manual
      Add copyright statements to goops.texi and goops-tutorial.texi
      Add an effective version variable for the manual
      Fix overfull hboxes
      Git-Ignore effective-version.texi
      Include GOOPS pictures in the distribution
      Use GOOPS Introduction as intorudctory text for the whole GOOPS chapter
      Remove page break after heading of Chapter 6 (Modules)
      Start updating/merging GOOPS getting started / tutorial text
      Change <complex> to <my-complex> in GOOPS tutorial
      Move tutorial sections on slots before inheritance
      Minor textual improvements to slot sections
      Update GOOPS Getting Started section
      Use @result{} instead of -->
      In general, use @lisp in preference to @smalllisp
      Use #:keyword syntax in preference to :keyword
      Misc GOOPS chapter updates
      Merge branch 'wip-manual' of ssh://address@hidden/srv/git/guile
      Minor improvements to doc on source properties
      In srcprop.c change all occurrences of "plist" to "alist"
      Fix set-source-properties so that the special source properties work
      Remove trailing whitespace
      Avoid clash with system setjmp/longjmp on IA64
      Update NEWS
      Remove superfluous ice-9-debugger-extensions code for old Guile versions
      Incorporate ice-9-debugger-extensions properly
      Make GDS resilient to autocompilation comments
      Fix doc of let*-values
      Merge branch 'ossau-gds-dev'
      Fix GDS utility client startup
      Export readline history functions


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