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[Guile-commits] GNU Guile annotated tag, release_1-8-7, created. release

From: Ludovic Courtès
Subject: [Guile-commits] GNU Guile annotated tag, release_1-8-7, created. release_1-8-7
Date: Sun, 05 Jul 2009 20:55:59 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "GNU Guile".

The annotated tag, release_1-8-7 has been created
        at  50c21033ba9b9a7b50bd161bdebebc53a4282a48 (tag)
   tagging  240a7800d018bce0bd041d801c3a8c139cdd2f61 (commit)
  replaces  release_1-8-6
 tagged by  Ludovic Courtès
        on  Sun Jul 5 22:55:41 2009 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
GNU Guile 1.8.7.
Version: GnuPG v2.0.11 (GNU/Linux)


Andy Wingo (2):
      merge in from guile-lib: add some extensibility to `help'
      cleanups to value and help help handlers

Han-Wen Nienhuys (1):
      * HACKING: update to current practice

Julian Graham (1):
      Update SRFI-11 docs to use correct name for let*-values.

Ludovic Courtès (36):
      configure: Don't substitute `DLPREOPEN'.
      configure: Check for <ltdl.h>.
      Don't use deprecated functions in `debug-malloc.c'.
      Update `INSTALL', from Automake 1.10.2.
      Fix typo in SRFI-19.
      Update/remove references to the CVS repository.
      Add test for `procedure-properties'.
      Add new GOOPS tests for built-in types.
      Add tests for the stack inspection API.
      Add subr invocation benchmark.
      Add new subr invocation benchmarks.
      Move `guardians.test' to its own module.
      Aggregate `' files under `lang/'.
      Have `scm_take_locale_symbol ()' return an interned symbol (fixes bug 
      Aggregate `' files under `examples/'.
      Update `NEWS' and `THANKS'.
      Fix compilation of `gcc_os_dep.c' on Tru64.
      Fix compilation of `numbers.c' on Tru64.
      Remove extraneous semicolons from `test-conversion.c'.
      Fix use of unsetenv(3) on Tru64.
      Work around the lack of hstrerror(3) declaration on Tru64.
      Work around lack of cuserid(3) declaration on Tru64 5.1b.
      Use <machine/fpu.h> instead of <fenv.h> when needed (e.g., Tru64 5.1b).
      Don't use raw divisions by zero in `test-conversion.c'.
      Update `NEWS'.
      Ask for IEEE floating point behavior on Alpha and SH.
      Fix compilation of `test-round.c' on BSD.
      Work around lack of flock(2) declaration on Tru64 5.1b.
      Better diagnose broken `(strftime "%z" ...)' in `time.test' (bug #24130).
      Update `NEWS'.
      Aggregate makefiles under `ice-9'.
      Fix the `BUILD_PTHREAD_SUPPORT' Automake conditional when not using 
      Work around the lack of a vsnprintf(3) declaration on AIX 5.3.
      Enclose `bit-operations.test' in its own module.
      Update `NEWS'.
      Bump version number for 1.8.7.

Michael Gran (1):
      Symbols longer than 128 chars can cause an exception.  Also, the 
terminating colon of long postfix keywords are not handled correctly.

Neil Jerram (34):
      Fix implementation of %fast-slot-ref and %fast-slot-set!
      NEWS entry for %fast-slot-ref/set! fix
      Remove `INSTALL'
      Fix MinGW HAVE_STRUCT_TIMESPEC build problem
      Fix build when scm_t_timespec is different from struct timespec
      Fix build when compiled with -Wundef -Werror
      Allow @ to work with (ice-9 syncase)
      Lock ordering: don't lock heap_mutex and then thread_admin_mutex
      Don't leave Guile mode to lock async_mutex
      Lock ordering: don't allocate when in critical section 
      Avoid throw from critical section, given invalid sigaction call
      NEWS entry for lock ordering and critical section fixes
      Fix spurious `throw from within critical section' errors
      Fix `explicitely' typos, should be `explicitly'
      Avoid "no duplicate" popen tests leaving zombie processes
      Remove possible deadlock in scm_join_thread
      Fix popen.test on NetBSD and Ubuntu Jaunty, where sh is not Bash
      Remove AC_SYS_RESTARTABLE_SYSCALLS and related code
      URL omitted from the previous commit message...
      Thank Sylvain
      Fix MinGW build warning caused by tzname redeclaration
      Remove GDB_INTERFACE stuff from guile's main program
      Revert "* FAQ: New file."
      In MinGW build, avoid clash between libguile and SRFI library function 
      srfi-60.c shouldn't include private-gc.h
      Use GUILE_FOR_BUILD for autogeneration steps during the build
      For MinGW hide exported struct variables behind pointers
      Add libguile to the subdirs where pre-inst-guile* looks for libraries
      URL missing from previous commit message
      Correction to doc on Accessing Arrays from C
      Read complex numbers where both parts are inexact decimals
      Revert "Add libguile to the subdirs where pre-inst-guile* looks for 
      Update `NEWS' and `README' to cover MinGW cross-compiling

daniel (1):
      Make `--disable-deprecated' work.


GNU Guile

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