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Re: [Gtick-devel] bigger resolution icon

From: Roland Stigge
Subject: Re: [Gtick-devel] bigger resolution icon
Date: Fri, 08 Mar 2013 16:03:50 +0100
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On 03/08/2013 02:50 PM, Tomáš Hnyk wrote:
>> Feel free to use the already existing icon64x64. If there's really sth.
>> bigger necessary for some reason, please tell.
> Well, I am not sure what desktop you are using but both Gnome Shell and
> Unity use bigger icons by default (I am not sure of the size, Ubuntu is
> customizable but default is I think 64x64 or 48x48, Shell seems to be
> even bigger). This results in gtick icon looking ugly as it it either
> scaled out (Gnome Shell) or scaled out at once place (Launcher of unity)
> and small compared to others (in Unity's dash).
> I am perfectly fine with copying the bigger icon so that it gets used,
> but I guess most people will not bother and would benefit from a bigger
> icon.

Just had a second look at it and it turned out that the 32x32 limitation
doesn't hold for GNOME. So I'm installing the 64x64 icon with the gnome
desktop file in Debian gtick 0.5.2-2.

Thanks for the hint,


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