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[Gtick-devel] Looking for good IT team? WE DO SOFTWARE ENGINEERING!

From: Mazie Ellis
Subject: [Gtick-devel] Looking for good IT team? WE DO SOFTWARE ENGINEERING!
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2005 23:33:43 +0000
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There can be many reasons for hiring a professional lT team...
- lf you've got an active on-Iine business and you are dissatisfied with the quaIity of your current
support ,its cost, or both.. .
- If your business is expandinq and you're lonqing for a professional support team...
- If you have specific software reguirements and you'd Iike to have your soIutions customized ,together
with warranties and reIiable support.. .
- lf you have the perfect business idea and want to make it a reality...
- If your project has stalled due to lack of additional resources...
- If you need an independent team for benchmarking, optimization, quality assurance...
If you're looking for a truly professional team, we are at your service! Just visit our website

not interested...

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