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Re: [Gtick-devel] Tempo Names

From: Marco Túlio Gontijo e Silva
Subject: Re: [Gtick-devel] Tempo Names
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 10:36:43 -0200

Em Sex, 2005-01-28 às 15:50 +0100, Roland Stigge escreveu:
> Hi Marco,

Hello Roland.

> Thanks for your patch, I reviewed it.


> For the rest, here are some comments:
> * You don't need to send in gmo files since those are generated from the
>   po file by the build environment.

Ok, sorry.

> * Why do you move gtk_init() after the getopt_long() call? It's supposed
>   to be called upon startup _before_ getopt like calls.

Why? In the other gtk programs I have checked, when you do something

$ epiphany --help

It shows the help without trying to initialize gtk. That's why I moved
it to after getopt. All programs I've seen work in this way, only gtick
does not.

> * What are your motivations for the changes of the 
>   gtk_range_set_update_policy() and gtk_range_set_increments() calls for
>   the scale?

Sorry, it wasn't intended to be in the patch. )=

> Next time, please split your patch into the individual parts
> (translation updates, new features, policy changes). This is much easier
> to maintain.

Ok, sorry.

"A crocrância é fundamental
para quem quer ser fundamental."
Bizarro e marcot

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