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Re: [Gtick-devel] Visual "tick"?

From: Roland Stigge
Subject: Re: [Gtick-devel] Visual "tick"?
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 11:09:29 +0200

Hi Aaron,

On Wed, 2003-09-10 at 01:15, Aaron Maxwell wrote:
> Cool.  Has work started on on it?

Not yet.

> What's the status - any design or code done yet?

I'm still wondering which of the (many!) possible visual effects would
be appropriate. Regarding the software design, consider the new
interface to the audio thread: There would have to be a new command to
query the current playback position within a single tick or the whole
measure (I propose a value between 0.0 and 1.0). Therewith we can
calculate and draw the current graphical representation of the time.

On the GTK side, for being completely free in visualizing arbitrary
effects, I favour the GtkDrawingArea widget. But this depends on the
luxury of the effect.

> I'm asking because it's a feature I'd like, so much that I *might* do it 
> and contribute a patch.

Of course! Why not? That's what Free Software / Open Source is all

> If I can make the time for it - no promises yet :)

... this, too ... ;)

Consider my aforementioned ideas. You will have some time since I'm
preparing an exam now. Try to be as little intrusive as possible to be
able to apply the patch even after some other changes to the code. Feel
free to introduce separate modules (.c) for the GTK part.



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