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[Gtick-devel] [patch] keyboard hit timing

From: Tomas Znamenacek
Subject: [Gtick-devel] [patch] keyboard hit timing
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 23:34:03 +0200
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I've written the keyboard hit timing code. I don't do much C coding,
please feel free to send your objections to the code.

The patch is attached, simple "patch < hittiming.patch" in the "src"
directory should work.

How it works: You hit lshift twice, the time delay between the two
keydown events is fed to the metronome.

Code changes: The lowest and highest BPM got moved to globals.h
(MIN_FREQ and MAX_FREQ). The main window has now a status bar for
displaying the timing info.

Tomas Znamenacek

We are Pentium of Borg. Division is futile. You will be approximated.

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