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Re: LUKS multiple passphrase retries

From: Simon Perry
Subject: Re: LUKS multiple passphrase retries
Date: Sun, 09 Apr 2023 19:29:48 +1000

On 2023-04-09 06:17 PM, Maxim Fomin wrote:

AFAIK this patch[1] allows to have several passphrase attempts. It was originally proposed by John Lane as a part of crypto enhancement patch set[2]. Several versions of this patch set were sent to grub-devel mailing list in 2015-2018, but nothing was directly included into git. The patch was written for LUKS1 version because support for LUKS2 in grub was included later. However, it seems it would be trivial to add support for LUKS2.

I've actually completely solved this through scripting thanks to what I've learned from Maximilian Stendler's Github repo (who replied earlier).

There's a weird trick to it though, where you make a tar file with a simple cfg in it that sources another config and then you have things like functions, loops and if tests available.

Working great now, thanks to him.


Simon Perry (aka Pezz)

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