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Re: LUKS multiple passphrase retries

From: Maximilian Stendler
Subject: Re: LUKS multiple passphrase retries
Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2023 11:21:01 +0200
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I've recently built a custom config as a workaround for this, and embedded it into a custom grub image using grub-mkimage:

This repo should already be as generic as possible, but you might want to double-check that all your needed modules are loaded (e.g. filesystems, luks2, hash functions) and try out the test with qemu before actually installing and rebooting the file.

Also: friendly reminder to backup any working efi files within the esp before experimenting, to spare you the hassle of recovery, if something goes wrong.

Kind regards

On 08.04.23 03:59, Simon Perry via Grub-devel wrote:
Hi there,

I've recently moved to using a LUKS2 encrypted boot and it's working great, however one of the frustrating things is that you get dropped to grub rescue after a single failed passphrase attempt.

I see there was a patch proposed back in 2019, but it didn't seem to progress any further (and the guy's git repo has since disappeared).

Anyway, I was wondering if any future consideration would be given to adding a feature allowing multiple retries when entering a passphrase?

Appreciate your time.


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