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IPV4 UEFI grub2 PXE boot, network unavailable immediately after grub sta

From: alexander . burmashev
Subject: IPV4 UEFI grub2 PXE boot, network unavailable immediately after grub starts
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2023 17:56:09 +0200
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Per Daniel's suggestion reaching grub-devel, since people might be already working on this.
For reference:

TLDR: during UEFI PXE boot + IPv4 grub drops to cmdline, unable to get grub config, network is not available. We have a huge fleet of machines, and with latest 2.06 we are regularly hitting this bug during PXE boot. I am wondering if someone else is hitting this issue as well and have some ideas/WIP to share.

It is indeed random, it could be 1 boot out of 1000, or 5 boots in a row. Nature of the bug makes it hard to debug.

There are multiple machines with identical hardware provisioned at the same time, and it is absolutely random which will be hit by this bug. If you reboot the affected box, most likely it will come back just fine and with no issue.

i was not able to catch any abnormal traffic before it happens via tcpdump, nothing suspicious in tftp log, though i might have not been trying/checking hard enough. According to grub variables everything is setup correctly, so there is no issue with dhcp traffic ?

The exact loop grub2 is entering is permacycling over

i was able to reproduce the issue both with RHEL 8 ( rhel-8.7.0 ) grub2 patchset and with latest upstream grub2.

bug filer for mentioned in his thread with intel that he was hitting that with one the latest canonical grubs.

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