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Re: make check: grub-mkrescue fails missing unicode.pf2. Leftovers in /t

From: Thomas Schmitt
Subject: Re: make check: grub-mkrescue fails missing unicode.pf2. Leftovers in /tmp
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2023 09:51:18 +0100


Glenn Washburn wrote:
> IIRC, xfonts-unifont is pulled in by the unifont package on Debian, but
> it is the one with the files you need. No, its not documented, but then
> not every single debian package name needed is documented because the
> documentation is partially distribution agnostic. If it were documented
> it would be in ./INSTALL, which does talk about needing unifonts. If
> you'd like to modify that file to help other Debian users, I'm
> supportive.

Unicode is mentioned two times in INSTALL.
Once for building "GRUB's graphical terminal (gfxterm)", once as
"Platform-agnostic tools and data".

There is also a section "Debian named packages required mostly for the
full suite of filesystem testing" which could host the name of the needed
package. Although it is not about filesystems the mentioning could be
justified by the word "mostly" in the headline.
Or it could be mentioned as own point one level higher under
"Prerequisites for make-check".

But actually the lack of unifont did not hamper building GRUB from git.
So i would expect that this tolerance is somewhat reflected by the tests.

How about putting in tests/ a test for the existence of
/boot/grub/fonts/unicode.pf2 with an informative error message if it is
missing ?
Since we know that xorriso under grub-mkrescue will cause early failure if
the file is missing, there is no use in running grub-shell with the demand
for unicode.pf2.

I see that already has provisions to declare
"Functional test failure". Maybe the new code path could join that.
Or it could be declared as skipped. (I still have to find out how to
cause a SKIP message in the test log.)

Have a nice day :)


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