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Bug 1900233 - Grub fails to boot with tpm.c errors

From: Bruno Parisi
Subject: Bug 1900233 - Grub fails to boot with tpm.c errors
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2021 21:53:48 +1000

Hi all,

Apologies if I'm doing this wrong but I've never had to contact you before.
There is a bug that was logged on RedHat Bugzilla

Which a user and myself both have the same issue. I'm running a Lenovo C940 and if I recall he has a C740.
The poster thepiguy did a fair bit of back and forth with the Fedora team to identify where and how this was happening but deemed it not a Fedora specific issue as with the right conditions the same issue was present in Arch.

I wanted to bring this to your attention as I'd like to help solve this issue if possible as it's a very annoying issue and I don't want to disable my TPM to work around it (As some have suggested on another post in the Fedora forum)

Again apologies if I've raised this with you incorrectly and please let me know if there's anything I can do to assist.

Kind regards,

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