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Re: Fix serial output for OpenBSD current

From: Markus Müller
Subject: Re: Fix serial output for OpenBSD current
Date: Tue, 04 Feb 2014 23:46:17 +0100

Am Montag, den 03.02.2014, 18:03 +0100 schrieb Vladimir
'φ-coder/phcoder' Serbinenko:
> On 02.02.2014 11:48, Markus Müller wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > attached is a patch that fixes serial console output with OpenBSD
> > current (will be 5.5). Grub uses an old struct for providing the kernel
> > with information about the serial console that is now gone [1]. Since
> > the new way is in OpenBSD since 5.2, even older versions are still
> > supported with this patch.
> > 
> Could you try this patch instead?

Seems to be working fine. I'm getting serial output with all releases
and custom kernels I've tested before.


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