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Re: [PATCH] Fix grub-shell to avoid breaking "make distcheck"

From: Colin Watson
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Fix grub-shell to avoid breaking "make distcheck"
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2013 13:37:17 +0000
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On Mon, Dec 02, 2013 at 06:40:58AM +0100, Vladimir 'φ-coder/phcoder' Serbinenko 
> On 29.11.2013 15:12, Colin Watson wrote:
> > Copying the themes directory in grub-shell isn't
> > parallel-test-friendly and breaks on the second test when the source
> > directory is read-only (as in "make distcheck").  Instead, add a
> > --themes-directory option to grub-mkrescue et al, and use it in
> > grub-shell.
> I agree with the patch but I'm unsure whether --themes-idrectory has to
> be a hidden option or appear in --help.

I made it a hidden option, merged, and pushed.  Thanks.

Colin Watson                                       address@hidden

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