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How to implant in GRUB 1.96 and GRUB 2.00+ kernel command from GRUB 0.97

From: Stojsavljevic, Zoran
Subject: How to implant in GRUB 1.96 and GRUB 2.00+ kernel command from GRUB 0.97?
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2013 15:38:16 +0000


I have old 32bit GRUB version 0.97 installed long time ago on HDD. I am adding 
to it 32bit kernels for testing with the command: linux (hd0, 
1)/images/bzImage_x.y.z [options] ...<cr>

I was able to add and boot standalone Bare Metal environment (around 60KB in 
size) using the following two lines:
kernel (hd0,1)/images/kernel<cr>

This does boot my CPUs to use cases I would like them to execute.

I tried the same for GRUB version 1.96, but this does not work anymore! Did not 
try it for GRUB 2.00+...

The question is: what are the substitutes for commands (in GRUB 0.97):  kernel 
(hd0,1)/images/kernel<cr> boot<cr>
[1] For GRUB 1.96?
[2] For GRUB 2.00+?

Thank you in advance,
Most of The Time you should be "intel inside" to be capable to think "out of 
the box".

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