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Request: FS support in search hints

From: Keshav P R
Subject: Request: FS support in search hints
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2012 12:25:11 +0530

    Is it possible to add support for --hints-fs=ext4 (for example) in
grub-probe hints_string and to the search command in grub2 env. Whi;e
hints speeds up the search for the partition, it does not speed up the
fs related tasks due to some time taken for detecing the filesystem of
the partition. This might speed up the search using FS LABEL and FS
UUID for which grub2 first tries each FS one by one before checking

Also in grub-install (and other scripts), for example

"${pkgdatadir}/grub-mkconfig_lib" =>
"/usr/share/grub-efi/grub-mkconfig_lib" , while the file is at
"/usr/share/grub/grub-mkconfig_lib" . grub-mkconfig_lib should honour
the program-transform-name option passed to configure. Please fix
this. Thanks in advance.



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