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grub 1.99 add own module / dep problem

From: Robert Schumann
Subject: grub 1.99 add own module / dep problem
Date: Thu, 09 Feb 2012 10:47:42 +0100
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Heyho guys!

I'm sorry if I didn't RTFM somewhere but I just couldn't find _any_
information on how to correctly add/patch own modules into the grub
1.99. The problem:

1. mymod.c depends on a function in biosdisk.c
2. mymod.c includes the biosdisk.h header correctly I suppose
3. I patched grub-core/Makefile.core.def with

module = {
  name = mymod;
  common = mymod/mymod.c;
  enable = biosdisk;

4. I patched grub-core/ with basically a copy from the
hello.c module stuff (although I should probably take the arch
dependend definitions from biosdisk mod? but I'm building i386 so it
should work any way?)

5. ./configure && make works as expected for another module which
doesn't include a foreign function.

6. For mymod.c I receive
mymod/mymod.c:68: error: implicit declaration of function

which is of course in biosdisk.c. Now my question: How do I solve this
mystery on a code/patch base? ;) I know that I can add the biosdisk.c
to the common code functions, but that shouldn't be necessary, huh? I
thought that enable = biosdisk would do the trick with linked
functions, but well... maybe you could shed some light on it.


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