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Re: Legacy GRUB to GRUB2

From: Brendan Trotter
Subject: Re: Legacy GRUB to GRUB2
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2011 20:50:31 +0930


On Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 2:44 PM, Yash Jain <address@hidden> wrote:
> Could you please let me know how can i upgrade to GRUB2(because
> trusted GRUB is based on legacy GRUB) or it is still fine if i can use
> the legacy GRUB to load kernel 2.6.37.

I'm still using GRUB-legacy with "linux-2.6.38-gentoo-r6", and it
works perfectly. I'm not using any patches provided by GRUB-IMA, but I
doubt Linux developers have changed anything that would break those
patches (or any other boot loader that supports Linux), and I doubt
there's any reason for you to switch to GRUB2 in the short term.

In the longer term, eventually you'll need to switch to a boot loader
that supports UEFI (the firmware/BIOS that GRUB-legacy relies on is
slowly being deprecated). For Linux your choices are limited to GRUB2
and ELILO, and neither of these boot loaders have any support for
ensuring boot files haven't been tampered with. If you have a strict
requirement for that (e.g. Dept. of Defence or something), then you
may have no choice but to switch to an OS that cares more about your
security than the freedom of malicious attackers.



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