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Re: Alternative booting method for grub2

From: Cui Lei
Subject: Re: Alternative booting method for grub2
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2011 10:39:25 +0800
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1. the "-d" means where the "moddep.lst" is , so ,you should find it first.
2. It looks like you want to install grub in you PC, doesn't it? If does, you can use grub-install.
3.  can help you.
When I command
sudo grub-mkimage -d ./grub-core -o core.img pc fat ntfs -O i386-pc

the result is
grub-mkimage: error: cannot open ./grub-core/moddep.lst.

When I command at /boot/grub, the result is same.

I can't understand why creating kernel is very hard.

Please, help me.


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