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Re: Grub2 can not detect usb disk

From: Cui Lei
Subject: Re: Grub2 can not detect usb disk
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2011 19:11:54 +0800
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Hi Vladimir, I have not received you reply for some days. I think you must be very busy, so I did some works on my own way.
I tested dozens of versions between r2249 and r3229. I found that most of them can boot my machine with "--with-platform=multiboot" option rather than "--with-platform=coreboot" option. The latest one I used is r3200, I think it should 
support usb device nicely. I added usb.mod uhci.mod usbms.mod usbtest.mod into the image(payload.elf), but it can not detect
my usb disk stilly. But if I plug a usb stick into my board after booting into the grub shell( grub> ), I get these message:

	grub> bus/usb/usbhub.c:208: total=250

	bus/usb/usbtrans.c:93: control: reqtype=0x80 req=0x06 val=0x100 idx=0x00


	bus/usb/usbtrans.c:120: control: transfer = 0x7fe4cec0, dev = 0x7fe36ea0

	bus/usb/usbtrans.c:187: control: err=7

I looked at the source code and found err7 is time out error, I don't know how to fix it.
I need your help and anyone's advices. It is long time I have spended on this project. So look forward to your replay.
Thank you in advance.



I have read the source code about the mmap of grub and of corebootV4, I found that the size of their table header struct are not same, and I think ,in the file "mmap.c" of grub2,on the 53rd line, the offset of the first table item may be error.


At 2011-07-05 14:35:28,"Cui Lei" <address@hidden> wrote:
I think the "skip=2146422784" is too big.
  I received you reply this monday, then my office PC had a problem ,can not power on, so I write you late.
I have tried to run "dd", but got "Reading a error address".
On 01.07.2011 08:57, Rock Cui wrote:
Sorry,I am careless, my log file is not empty, please refer to the

I would also need another memory location for full diagnostics:
sudo dd if=/dev/mem of=tables bs=1 count=65536 skip=2146422784
Looking at the code, the only way it can hang AFAICT should be fixed by
attached patch (mostly guessing)
1. I have tried the "--with-platform=multiboot" option, but when
booting it show me:
Welcome to GRUB!
out of memory
2. The /dev/mem you need , how can I get it? I want it should be from
the "/" , then I must enter the ubuntu.
So I use the grub1.98 as coreboot payload and boot my ubuntu11.04.
But when I copy the /dev/mem to a log file with "sudo",
I was told “You can not do it!” : (

On 30.06.2011 04:38, Cui Lei wrote:
I have found the the last version which can boot my machine, it is
the r2348. The r2349 can not boot it.
So I checked out the changelog from 2348 to 2349 :

Ironically I did it because i386-coreboot didn't work in my tests.
you send me the first 128K of /dev/mem ? Meanwhile you can try
i386-multiboot port.

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