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Re: [PATCH] Skip partitions during OS probing

From: Axel Kellermann
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Skip partitions during OS probing
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2011 17:55:53 +0200
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> Partition numbers tend to get moved around quite frequently, so this
> would be a fragile configuration, and require manual entry.  It would be
Good point. I guess the proposed solution works well with internal HDDs,
as they tend to always get the same device names during system
initialization (at least I never observed different behaviour on my
machine), but could be fragile for external drives.

> better to automatically notice that the partition is a Win7 system
I agree. But I guess on my machine it is not really grubs fault that the
Win7 system partition is marked as bootable. I only have one of those
Win7 licenses that come with recovery media, so I'm not able to do a
manual, clean install and it seems the recovery installation always
makes the system partition bootable. I'm probably not the only one
experiencing this kind of faulty setup...

> partition, and ignore it.  If you must explicitly exclude manually
> chosen partitions, they should be specified by UUID.
I guess we could work with UUIDs instead of partition names, but it also
turns this little patch into something a bit more complicated. I'd be
happy to look into it, but we should first decide if we really cover a
use-case here or if the whole thing isn't worth the effort.



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