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Re: Horizontal boot menu

From: Endres Puschner
Subject: Re: Horizontal boot menu
Date: Wed, 01 Jun 2011 18:15:51 +0200
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On 01.06.2011 01:56, Vladimir 'φ-coder/phcoder' Serbinenko wrote:
On 10.04.2011 15:09, Endres Puschner wrote:
Hi, grub-developers,

I implemented a complete horizontal extension to the boot menu and
some other little features and fixes for extending the gfxmenu boot menu.

Haven't looked through whole of it but it has 2 serious problems:

Yes, both problems exist, because I coded it mainly for myself.

Even I was not very happy with this part, but I didn't know how to make it better. Maybe it should be reconsidered after the decision of the vi-like-keys topic is made, as there was only the predefined user interaction in the past, for example, up- and down-keys were a very default method for navigating in every interface.

I think it would be pointless to fix these bugs now while some other things may change meanwhile.

1) Environment variable is used where it's not to be used by scripts. In
such cases a C variable is more appropriate.
2) It doesn't handle the multiterminal case correctly. Even if the menu
on local console is vertical, the menu on e.g. serial will remain
vertical and with your code the remote operator will have very confusing
key settings. It would be nicer if one could have the same key bindings
for both vertical and horizontal menu. The operation of left/right keys
can be an alias to up/down. In case it's justifiably impractical you
would need a new terminal flag which marks a local console. It should be
set on *_keyboard and console (all platform variants). This could then
also be used for some things Colin proposed some time ago.
I would just describe my added theme parameters for the boot_menu

   - item_width: Optionally specifying a width for each item in
horizontal lists, but could also be implemented to work with vertical
   - item_icon_padding: Padding between icon and box or between icon
and other item if there is no item_box.
   - horizontal: boolean, defining this boot_list as horizontal.
   - item_pixmap_style: like selected_item_pixmap_style but for non
selected entries.
   - item_pixmap_icon_only: boolean, selected and unselected pixmaps
are only shown around the icons and not around the whole item.

The scrollbars must be manually turned around to be in horizontal
mode, I have uploaded a demo theme as an example:

I fixed a bug in the icon-section. The first group in any menuentry
was skipped while looking for icons before, so only icons for the
second class would be searched.

The normal menu is also modified as I wanted to allow to use
right/left keys while navigating through the menu while it is
horizontal. At menu_init, a new environment variable (orientation) can
be set by the used menu module to horizontal for obvious reasons.

Best regards,

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