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Re: Compiling grub2 on *BSD?

From: walt
Subject: Re: Compiling grub2 on *BSD?
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 08:38:23 -0800
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Robert Millan wrote:
Ok, so we need __enable_execute_stack then, I guess.  I find it strange that
some parts of libgcc can not be used in freestanding code.  Does this happen
with the unpatched version of GCC too?

Maybe we'll have add some dummy symbols to make it happy....
What happens if you define the missing symbols somewhere?  Any part of
the GRUB kernel will do (e.g. kern/main.c).  Just add them as empty

__sysctl (void)

mprotect (void)

and check if that works.

BTW, I just discovered that this was discussed in a thread beginning
11-30-2005 but never finished.

Anyway, your suggestion helps, but not quite enough.  The c code now
compiles and links okay into *.mod files, but now __enable_execute_stack
shows up in several und-*.lst files, so that moddep.lst won't build.

I cheated by copying moddep.lst from my linux machine, and that allowed
the build of grub to finish, but now I get that same missing symbol when
I *run* grub. <sigh>

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