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Re: IA64 port

From: tgingold
Subject: Re: IA64 port
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2008 17:35:50 +0100
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Quoting Marco Gerards <address@hidden>:

> Personally I do not like working around an issue in specific code (in
> this case specific to *-efi) in generic code.  Usually, this doesn't
> improve shared code.
> In this case, FAT is modified so fit the need of EFI.  However, FAT is
> case insensitive.  On windows C:\FOO.TXT is the same as c:\foo.txt.
> Although I have troubles believing people want to use a technically
> flawed non-free OS that costs a lot of money.  But that might be
> something personally ;-)
> What matters is that it is normal that FAT is not case sensitive.
> It's defined that way.  This change can't and won't be made for ext2,
> for example.  You can have a ~/foo and ~/FOO side by side.  AFAIK,
> this is not possible with FAT.  So I think this patch is ok :-)

Ok, I will send it separately (as it is not really ia64 specific).

> Robert suggested some changes.  I also noticed in the discussion that
> you didn't follow common practise (like an existing grub-mkimage
> implementation).  Personally, as maintainer, I am against maintaining
> two different approaches of the same problem.  It costs us time to
> maintain this and both case have separate bugs.  So I rather see the
> code shared, one way or the other.  To safe time, it might save you
> some work if you initiate a discussion about this.


> If you send in a new patch that addresses Robert's concerns +
> Changelog entry, I will go over it ASAP :-).  Giving the same comments
> as Robert does seems like a waste of time for everyone.  Is this ok
> for you?



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