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eltorito support ..

From: Kalamatee
Subject: eltorito support ..
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2008 03:10:57 +0000

I read in previous mails that eltorito support would be getting worked on for the summer of code projects, and that it should be getting merged into the grub2 codebase at somepoint.
Im just wondering what is the current situation with this? Is there any timeline when it will be completed?
The reason I ask is we ( currently use grub-legacy to boot our x86 iso's and systems however lately we are seeing a lot of development towards ppc ports and x86_64, and therefore would like to use grub2 instead since it supports these architectures. However atm there seems to be no information on using grub2 to boot a cd-rom in eltorito mode or indeed how to create/install grub2 to the iso image.
ANy information on how this can be achieved or the current state of play would be much appreciated.

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