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PowerPC patches

From: Pavel Roskin
Subject: PowerPC patches
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2008 18:27:22 -0500
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I'm going to send the remaining patches for PowerPC to the list. I don't want to spend more time on it, and I don't want to sit on those patches. If any of them are good, I'll apply then. If not, somebody could fix them later. I don't want to spend more time on them.

I added completely untested CHRP support to grub-mkrescue and updated the copyright. I don't want to add PREP support blindly, without hardware to test it on. Besides, PREP would probably need serial console.

Open Hack'Ware used as the firmware by QEMU on PowerPC lacks /memory/available. I don't know what Linux does to find the memory, but it fails to boot anyway when loaded from GRUB under qemu. I think either /memory/available should be implemented in Open Hack'Ware or qemu should switch to another Openfirmware implementation.

Anyway, I made a patch that allocates memory between 3Mb and 4Mb. That's what yaboot would do. Actually, yaboot would scan for a 1Mb chunk from 3Mb to 16Mb, but it's an overkill for a simple hack.

Finally, I made a patch that restores a gap between the end of the core code and the beginning of the modules in the image created by grub-mkimage. I realize that making the resulting image a valid ELF file would likely achieve the same goal, but I don't have time for that.

Pavel Roskin

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