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Re: UFS (FFS) support seems broken in grub2

From: walt
Subject: Re: UFS (FFS) support seems broken in grub2
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 06:20:07 -0800
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Marco Gerards wrote:
walt<address@hidden>  writes:

I recompiled my NetBSD kernel with the MULTIBOOT option enabled, but
I still get a 'magic broken' error when doing 'multiboot /netbsd'.

Can it be loaded from GRUB Legacy using its multiboot capabilities?


Do you want to work on a loader for BSD?  That would be the ideal
solution and a nice opportunity for you to learn :-)

Sure, but don't expect very much :o)  We know that grub legacy can
boot NetBSD, so maybe I can get grub2 to do the same.  Debugging
a free-standing program like grub is something I've never tried.
How would you approach the problem if you were going to do it

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