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UFS (FFS) support seems broken in grub2

From: jakllsch
Subject: UFS (FFS) support seems broken in grub2
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2008 11:01:05 -0600
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The UFS (or FFS as it's known to NetBSD)
support in grub2 does not seem to work for me.

I've tried multiple configurations of partitioning
(MBR, MBR & BSD disklabel, and even no partitioning),
the best I get is "Unknown filesystem".
This happens with either [UF]FSv[12].

Judging by some printfs i added, it is seeing the
correct magic in the superblock, but tracking down
the location it's actually bailing out is a bit
more eluding to me.

I'm using a checkout of grub2 CVS from today,
compiling on Debian GNU/Linux (etch).

The newfs(8) is from NetBSD 4.99.34,
if that makes any difference.

At the very least some tips on tracking this
down would be helpful.


        Jonathan Kollasch

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