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hfs breakage

From: Pavel Roskin
Subject: hfs breakage
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 19:38:14 -0500


I have noticed that GRUB won't list all files on the boot partition of
my PowerMAC.  I can still get the full list if I mount the partition in
Linux of use hfsutils.

I put the image here:

It's just 210k compressed.  The problem can be reproduced on any
ordinary PC.  Just uncompress the image and create a file called with the following contents:

(hd0) sda2.img

Compile grub with grub-emu support:

./configure --enable-grub-emu && make

Run grub-emu:

grub-emu -m -r hd0

grub> ls (hd0)/
acorn.mod affs.mod amiga.mod apple.mod blocklist.mod boot.mod cat.mod
cmp.mod configfile.mod cpio.mod elf.mod ext2.mod fat.mod font.mod
fshelp.mod gpt.mod grub

Files after "grub" are not shown.

I have already considered the possibility that having files with similar
names "grub" and "grub.cfg" may be a problem.  But renaming "grub" to
"gurb" makes no difference.

I have been rewriting the file called "grub" many times, so maybe it was
moved to some additional leaf of the directory tree, confusing the hfs
implementation in GRUB (I'm just guessing, I don't know anything about

Moreover, if I mount the image as loop in Linux and remove files "grub"
and "grub.cfg", "ls" in grub-emu will go into infinite loop and print
"ofboot.b pc.mod raid.mod reboot.mod reiserfs.mod search.mod sfs.mod
sun.mod suspend.mod terminal.mod" over and over again.

Pavel Roskin

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