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Grub Security Modules

From: Oleg Strikov
Subject: Grub Security Modules
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2008 13:54:51 +0300

Good day!
Sorry for long absence - my job takes too much time ;)

(Robert Millan)
> hope not.. but then again, I don't like making myself an opinion on
>before I hear what it is.
>Oleg, please can you clarify what you intend to do?

(Uwe Hermann)
>Is this related to TPMs and stuff? If so, please check
>Does the functionality overlap? What's the status of
>TrustedGRUB? Should the projects be merged? etc. etc.

Yep, Uwe Hermann was in the right about Grub Security Modules destiny :)
I'll try to describe  in a few words their main ideas:

* registered users dividual sturtup config
(e.g. we have initial grub.cfg that e.g. calls login command, that e.g. :) takes user login and get ${login}.cfg, where we can find password command with password hash argument)


if user chose MyLogin login, we start MyLogin.cfg:

... // init operations
password SOME_HASH
... // protected section

* all config files signing (during installation procedure, i think) and verification during boot
(e.g. we have connected files grub.cfg and grub.cfg.sign files, where the second one is a signature). i'm gonna use RSA DS algo.

* additional OS-connected verification
in user config we can include special checking
(e.g. call md5 FILE CORRECT_HASH_VALUE) to prevent OS-valuable files modification.

* special security log keeping
all security-connected operations leave a mark on system journal (via journal.mod)

What i've done already:
* md5 file hash checking
* RSA DS code porting from rsaref lib (but it's not license-correct, so i'll try to make this code myself)
* log operating module (partly). I'm not a FS-specialist, so i can enbug only ext2 write ability. IMHO we really need FS-write (not only block write, but file write) in grub2.


I've met only one problem:
grub2 core.img verification (we need  this to make another types of verification reasonable)
This can be done:


1st way - using BIOS extentions -  it's a hot topic to discuss cause e.g. my MB ASUS A8N BIOS do not have  such one :( M.b. in future situation will be much better
2nd way - think that grub core.img is de facto allright M.b. it's not so bad.
3rd way - let's think :)

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