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Re: [PATCH] force load of lvm and raid before entering normal mode (Re:

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: Re: [PATCH] force load of lvm and raid before entering normal mode (Re: LVM on debian)
Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2008 22:05:59 +0100

Robert Millan writes:

> Ok, so I fixed lvm/raid handling in core.img (by grub-install).  This will 
> help
> those who (unlike you) have their /boot under LVM or software RAID.

I applied both pathces, but lvm does not work for me yet.  The second
patch has

     +devtype_module=`$grub_probe --target=type --device-map=${device_map} 

but my grub-probe patched against latest CVS does grok --target=type, it

    Try ``grub-probe --help'' for more information.
    -t, --target=(fs|drive|device|partmap)

Should I be pulling some git branch of yours?

When I replace the line above with

     +devtype_module=`$grub_probe --target=device --device-map=${device_map} 

grub-install issues

   grub-mkimage --output=/boot/grub/core.img --prefix=/boot/grub ext2 
/dev/mapper/lvmraid-lvm1 biosdisk _chain
   grub-mkimage: error: cannot stat /dev/mapper/lvmraid-lvm1.mod

(odd btw, how there is also no gpt in the list.  that won't work, right?)

This grub-mkimage line gave me an idea: you have lvm loaded before ext2,
which could be why lvm inserted in core.img does not work.  So I
manually did

    grub-mkimage --output=/boot/grub/core.img --prefix=/boot/grub ext2 lvm pc 
gpt biosdisk _chain
    grub-setup '(hd0)'
but that again gave me a grub rescue> prompt with exactly the same
problems as before: error: unknown device, until I rmmod lvm, insmod lvm
by hand


    grub rescue> set
    grub rescue> insmod normal
    error: unknown device
    grub rescue> lsmod
    Name  Ref Count  Dependencies
    biosdisk 1
    gpt 1
    pc 1
    ext2 1 fshelp
    fshelp 2
    lvm 1
    grub rescue> ls
    (hd0) (hd0,1) (hd0,5) (hd0,6) (hd0) (hd1,1) (hd1,5) (hd1,6)
    grub rescue> rmmod lvm
    grub rescue> insmod (hd1,1)/boot/grub/lvm.mod
    grub rescue> ls
    (lvmraid-lvm0) ...
    grub rescue> insmod normal
    grub rescue> normal



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