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Re: LVM on debian

From: Robert Millan
Subject: Re: LVM on debian
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2008 10:24:31 +0100
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On Mon, Jan 07, 2008 at 11:31:17PM +0100, Martin Braure de Calignon wrote:
> Of course. One possible temporary solution would be to insert all
> customization variables in 10_linux and other files in /etc/default/grub
> with no value no and a simple comment over it (all the common used
> variables).

I don't like it.  10_linux is technicaly a config file, but it's also a script,
which means it's much more likely to be updated (causing upgrade conflicts for
those who modify it) than /etc/default/grub.

Also, /etc/default/grub is provided by debian, while 10_linux is not.  We
wouldn't want to put "GRUB_DISTRIBUTOR=Debian" in 10_linux would we ?

And not all variables in /etc/default/grub are meant for 10_linux.  Some are
there for 00_header.  And even GRUB_DISTRIBUTOR is also used by 10_hurd.

> Is it complicated to convert kopt= options in grub menu.lst to the
> GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX ? in postinst ?

Maybe.  It's basicaly just some sedding, but you have to be careful to get all
the corner cases right.  I didn't do it because I didn't consider it important,
but feel free to send a patch.

> > There's something wrong here.  update-grub is supposed to detect when your
> > /usr is inaccessible and disable font automaticaly.  You mean that it
> > falls back to text mode, or that it won't install/boot at all?
> Well, when I tried, I had a graphical menu with no entry. I had to type
> 'ESC' and try to find what was wrong (that's where I discover insert
> lvm). If you wan't me to try again somes things, I can. I think it
> disable font but try to load graphic mode without font. Is it possible ?

Yes, but first I need to understand better what you saw.  Does "graphical"
mean it was in VESA mode?  You can tell that because "terminal" command would
return "gfxterm" rather than "console".  Or does it simply mean you had a

When you say "with no entry", does this mean you didn't see any text at all
(including the messages at the top and bottom)?  Or just that there were no
options in the menu?

Robert Millan

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