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Problems with GRUB + LVM + RAID-6 in Fedora Core 8

From: roger p
Subject: Problems with GRUB + LVM + RAID-6 in Fedora Core 8
Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2008 23:40:15 +0100

I have installed Fedora Core 8 in a machine with 4 disks each 200 GBytes; sda, 
sdb, sdc, sdd

the partitioning is the following:

md0: /boot     (Raid-0 (2 disks + 2 spare disks))
md1: /            (RAID-6, (4 disks) + LVM)
- the LVM has logical volumes:
  - / for the linux (00)
  - /home the rest (02)
  - swap (01)

When I now start the server it stops without any GRUB menu coming up, the error 
message "GRUB hard disk error" is displayed.

When I start through the linux rescue it works fine. It reads the hard disk and 
no problem when I do the chroot /mnt/sysimage

What is the problem? It seems that the hard disk ctructure can not be read by 

What to do?

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