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Re: package for distribution

From: Pavel Roskin
Subject: Re: package for distribution
Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2008 00:22:18 -0500
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Quoting shirish <address@hidden>:

 Hi all,
      I have been trying to see when GRUB2 is packaged so I could try
it, use it & understand all or any differences. I am running Ubuntu
Hardy Heron (unstable).

I think you make a wrong assumption here, that if GRUB2 is packaged, changing the bootloader will be easy and safe. I really doubt that it's possible to make such package at this stage of GRUB2 development. Whoever makes such package will be bombarded with questions and complaints about systems that don't boot.

In particular, the current code is known to be broken on PowerMac.

AFAIK Ubuntu sources the GRUB2 package from
Debian Sid & the last packaging was done on 20071101-1 . I was just wondering if
somebody knows of any discussion as to what kind of decisions are made
for packaging it and/or somehow to get a feed of whenever they package
it i.e. the latest.

If you interested in packaging for Debian and Ubuntu, perhaps you should talk to the packagers.

      I know its nothing to do with GRUB2 development but I'm just
interested to see & know what you guys have been working hard at :)

You can see ChangeLog and the mailing list to learn about the development.

If you want to try GRUB2, I suggest that you install it from the sources. But first make sure you can recover the system if things go wrong. At very least, make sure you have rescue disks.

Pavel Roskin

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