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Grub2 and Pegasos

From: Marcin Kurek
Subject: Grub2 and Pegasos
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2007 12:10:58 +0200


Some time ago I decide to give a try to GRUB on my Pegasos 2 machine
(G4 1GHz, 1G of ram) and generaly it works with some problems.

1) Booting recent CVS snap on OF version dated 2005.12.16 gives me
only "Welcome to GRUB" and "Out of memory" message. After OF update to
half official 2006.10.23 it works, but as this version is not fully
official most of the
pegasos machines still uses old one.

I checked and GRUB 1.94 works fine on older OF (2005.12.16) and 1.95
gives instant reboot.

2) Backspace key seems to not working in GRUB console (I use cursor
key and del for now) but works fine in OF console.

Put some debug in ofconsole.c shows that getkey() gives 127 for backspace.

3) After "Welcome to GRUB" message I have a ~1-2s pause and error "ATA
device not present or not responding" Currently I have one HD (primary
master) and DVD (secondary master) attached.

No error when booting using 1.94.

4) Most of the Pegasos machines uses small affs partition for MorphOS boot
images, but it seems affs is broken for ieee1275 as affs  uses
total_sectors field from grub_disk_t, but looking at ofdisk.c:

 /* XXX: There is no property to read the number of blocks.  There
    should be a property `#blocks', but it is not there.  Perhaps it
    is possible to use seek for this.  */
 disk->total_sectors = 0xFFFFFFFFUL;

I changed affs to use grub_partition_get_len(). No ideas how correct is
it, but it seems to work here.

4) Grub2 can not load morphos boot images then I added ofboot command
to allow boot using OF interface (load, init-program, go).

Attached both patches, I am not completly sure how correct are both of
them as this was my first look inside grub2 sources. Anyway now I can
boot MorphOS and use affs partitions, but three problems are still

Can anyone help with this ?

--- Marcin 'Morgoth' Kurek ---

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