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Re: Strong Crypto Support for GRUB2

From: Simon Peter
Subject: Re: Strong Crypto Support for GRUB2
Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2007 19:25:26 +0200

> > along the lines of a FeatureRequests GRUB2 Wiki entry I made
> > earlier, I added strong cryptography support to GRUB that allows
> > Linux encrypted partitions to be read. The patch is attached.
> I have some comments on the patch, but the attachment's Content-Type
> was set to video/dv which makes it difficult for contextual reply
> (mutt thinks of it as a binary).  I think your mailer interpreted it
> as video/dv because of .dif suffix; please could you resend?

Yes. Sorry. I renamed it to .patch, which should work now. Even though
I prefer .dif for diffs. :) Unfortunately, it seems that extension is
taken by a strange video format...

And again, I also forgot to provide a ChangeLog entry. I'll do it


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