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Raid devices not listed in grub

From: Bruno Wolff III
Subject: Raid devices not listed in grub
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2007 18:25:55 -0600
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I was trying to see if I could get grub 2 to work with software raid and
found that while grub-setup and grub-install seemed to recognize md
devices and installed grub 2 on the mbr of at least one of the two
drives that are part of the array I was trying to boot, it did not recognize
them during the boot process. Grub would come up in rescue mode and
ls would only list the normal disk partitions. This was still true after
loading the raid module. Since the arrays I have are raid 1, I was able
to load the configfile module and boot up the system.
I used a copy of grub 2 that I downloaded from cvs last night.
I am not sure if this is a bug, or if I just didn't do something right.
I didn't find any examples of how to actually install grub 2 when using
software raid.
The box was a dual athlon with 2 pata disks with multiple partitions and
several raid arrays using raid one between corresponding partitions on
the disks.
The OS I am booting to is Fedora Core 5.

I am interesting in either getting directions on how to properly install
grub 2 on this system, or suggestions for helping debug the problem if it
is an actual error in grub.

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