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Re: Scripting support (PATCH)

From: Yoshinori K. Okuji
Subject: Re: Scripting support (PATCH)
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2005 13:55:11 +0200
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On Sunday 30 October 2005 10:45 am, Marco Gerards wrote:
> Right, I felt it hard to explain the direction I'd like to take on
> this list.  So I have implemented the core functionality because that
> definitely has to be right.

I don't know what direction you would like yet. It is hard to figure out all 
of your ideas from the implementation. I only know that it is differently 

> > - What are disadvantages in Vladimir's implementation?
> In my opinion it is not clean enough and does not integrate with GRUB
> like I would like it to.  And Vladimir's patch was way too hard to
> maintain when I started working on this a week ago.

Can you elaborate on those points? I still don't understand.

> > - What are disadvantages in Marco's implementation?
> >
> > Fewer features are implemented. The kernel is bloated.
> What do you mean with the kernel is bloated?  My patch moves a lot of
> responsibility to commands.  I would say it is less bloated.

I mentioned this, because your parser is built into the kernel. This is 
unnecessary, as the rescue mode does not need fancy features.


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