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Re: GRUB 1.91 on PowerPC ( FC4 ) does not find its conf file

From: Hollis Blanchard
Subject: Re: GRUB 1.91 on PowerPC ( FC4 ) does not find its conf file
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 09:27:01 -0500

On Oct 28, 2005, at 5:50 AM, Dennis Clarke wrote:

ok boot hd:1 /grub/grubof.modules

That works and gets me to GRUB

then I type your commands above ...

grub> suspend
Run 'go' to resume GRUB.
ok dev /chosen
ok .properties
name          "chosen"
stdin         0xFDA01A0 (265945504)
stdout        0xFD9FEF8 (265944824)
bootpath      "/address@hidden/address@hidden,1/address@hidden,0"
bootargs      ""
memory        0xFC54D40 (264588608)
mmu           0xFC55D48 (264592712)

Ah, right. Pegasos firmware does not pass the boot arguments, so GRUB cannot determine where to load its config file from. In fact, both the filesystem path and the partition number are missing, so there's really no way to guess the location correctly.

If you are using the latest firmware, you will need to remind the Genesi folks about this problem (I have CCed Sven). I have not heard when they intend to release fixed firmware, or maybe they have already and you just need to install the update.

I can't see any workarounds, since you can't pass any options to grub. I suppose you could hardcode "(hd,0)" as the default prefix in GRUB source... either that, or be happy you can use the "configfile" command (a feature yaboot lacks :).

I then type "go" ( without the quotes ) and the screen goes black with
the exception of this single line at the top :

Failed to claim heap at 0x4000, len 0x1fb000

This is another Pegasos firmware bug. suspend works, but resume doesn't. Luckily, in this case suspend is all we needed for debug information. :)


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