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Automatic backup with grub

From: E Leibovich
Subject: Automatic backup with grub
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 05:04:27 -0700 (PDT)

Goal: Make the computer load a linux system every certain amount of times, this system would restoe from backup other system installed on a different partition.
Reason: When untechnical users (aka my little brother at my father's house) are using the  windows system they tend to ruin it (installing many small programs w/o proper unistallation method causing the computer to be slower, installing viruses) this cause the technical user (aka me) to be asked for remedy by the manager (aka my father). The technical user don't have time to track and uninstall the endless junk on the system so he usually reinstalls the system. This takes quite a time, and requires the technical user to be physically near the system. Thus an idea for an automatically recovery system has sprung to the technical user's mind and is presented below.
Specs: A home system running windows on partition /dev/hda1 wishes to have the content of /dev/hda1 partition recovered once in a while, and upon request from a file stored on a different partition. The system should also be able to update the image file from the partition upon request. Ideally this request should be able to be done also from the windows system. Every way to achieve this goal is kosher.
My General Idea:
Set up a multiboot computer. Make sure the system will boot to a specially crafted linux system once in a while. This linux system will make backups with partimage, and might display a nice configuration untility if I'll be patient enough.
Idea: Change grub into booting into linux once every period of time. Make the linux system automatically restore the partition when loading with certain options.
Is it possible with grub? even a way to load windows X times and then linux (similarily to savedefault option) is good enough for now.
Is changing grub's source to add this feature a good idea?
Any other/better ideas are welcomed.

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