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Re: Scripting support

From: Vladimir Serbinenko
Subject: Re: Scripting support
Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2005 17:37:19 +0200
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In bash when you define a function it appears under environment
variables. IMHO it's useless to store completely the source code as an
environment variables. I propose that the functions will be preparsed
(converted to internal format ready for execution) because it will
gretelya simplify lexer and parser

Right.  We should discuss the internal format on the list, I think.

Right.  And this can be kept quite simple.  The commands itself are
just a string of text.  The loops just check a variable, no?  It can
be something like:

for foo in 1 2 3
  echo $i

That can be translated into some kind of pseudo language:

1: list = 1 2 3
2: read i, list
3: echo $i
4: check list
5: je 2

I know it's stupid and kind of silly like this.  But we have to define
a language.  It's important to discuss this on the list, IMO.

I thought about (a):
1: command=forin variable=i list=1 2 3 end=NULL /* it will be 4 if script continues*/
2: echo $i
3: jump 1
Or (b):
1:splitpush 1 2 3
2:pop list
3:read i, list
4:push list
5:echo $i
6:pop list
7:check list
8:push list
9:je 2
10:pop list
The question is how many commands to make: a lot (like in a where nearly every internal command corresponds to a scripting command) or make so few commands as possible. I wonder which approach is better (it's question about bugs and readibility, of course, not about speed)

Which mail are you talking about (subject and date)?  I must have
missed a few the last months. :-(
Re: [Patch] Scripting engine 25.09.2005
[Patch] Scripting engine 24.08.2005
It's just demonstration of some ideas. Now I think with new splitter it would be better to keep arglist unparsed. In this patch it was that if we have
echo 1 2 3\;\$ ab$i;
lexer returns (schematically)
now I would do that it returns:
STRING(echo 1 2 3\;\$ ab$i) SEMICOLON

Vladimir 'phcoder' Serbinenko

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