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an.tmac with Japanese man page

From: Deri
Subject: an.tmac with Japanese man page
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2023 21:21:11 +0100

When viewing Japanese man pages it used to be necessary to pass the flag -f 
setting the default font family to a Japanese font which affected both the 
body of a man page and the headings, in bold, when viewing the grops output of 
a japanese man page. In 1.23.0-rc4 this no longer works, for headings, you 
have to set the HF register to the Japanese bold font.

It seems that an.tmac sets the font family to T (for headings), even if the 
user has changed the default family with the -f flag. Should I open a savannah 
issue, or is this change in behaviour intended?



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