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Re: Questions concerning hyphenation patterns for non-Latin languages, e

From: Robin Haberkorn
Subject: Re: Questions concerning hyphenation patterns for non-Latin languages, e.g. Russian
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2023 16:01:39 +0300
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25.04.23 19:51, G. Branden Robinson пишет:
     While I'm pontificating I'll opine that I'm not a huge fan of C++ as
     a language, but I have found with groff that, given discipline, and
     by maintaining a clear view of its roots in C (_also_  not my
     favorite language--but one alienating, enemy-making rant at a time),
     and not picking up every f***ing new feature that gets shoved into
     the language as soon as (or before) it's standardized, it_can_  be
     managed.  But I also think that the C++ templating facility was, in
     implementation, one of the worst features ever developed for any
     programming language.

I would agree to that largely. The only acceptable C++ is the one close to C. Especially if you do indeed interface with C APIs. But even then it remains broken by design with its classes in headers, forcing you to expose every type belonging to your class to everybody. What's the benefit in C++, especially when restraining from namespaces? Deeply nested class hierarchies? You really shouldn't have those anyway. IMHO you can get much clearer and better isolated code (smaller headers anyway) with properly written idiomatic plain C code. It's the lesser of two evils. The preprocessor is one of those things I am also not happy with, although I found that C++ often pushes you to metaprogramming only for marginally improved typesafety compared to plain-C non-preprocessed solutions. As a side effect you get overblown binaries that will blow your cache hierarchies. On the other hand the C preprocessor could be made much more useful for metaprogramming with a few simple extensions... I have not long ago migrated SciTECO from "C-like" C++ to plain C and I am not looking back!

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