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Re: neatroff for Russian. (Was: Questions concerning hyphenation pattern

From: Robin Haberkorn
Subject: Re: neatroff for Russian. (Was: Questions concerning hyphenation patterns for non-Latin languages, e.g. Russian)
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2023 15:16:55 +0300
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I can confirm that Neatroff (and Heirloom Troff) works well for typesetting Russian texts including hyphenation. BUT, I found them unsuitable for complex scientific texts as their ms macros are buggy and tbl is somewhat limited. Regarding Neatroff, I found that its hyperlinking capabilities are extremely limited.

For future texts I therefore wanted to return to Groff (where we also have the excellent MOM macros). Not being able to hyphenate UTF-8 Cyrillic text is a major limitation for me. I might get away with converting it to KOI8 first, but could I still mix in Unicode characters this way (as they are considered special characters by Groff)?

Perhaps I will have a look at the hyphenation code and try to fix it. Hacking the typesetter is always a perfect distraction from the work you are supposed to do instead. ;-)

Yours sincerely,

26.04.23 14:10, Ralph Corderoy пишет:
Hi Oliver,

Are you aware there are other troff implementations than GNU's groff?
Neatroff is one.  Ali Gholami Rudi wrote it because he wanted better
Unicode support for foreign languages, including right-to-left text.
He seems very much of your mould in needs.

A good summary of its features is
I see UTF-8 hyphenation files mentioned.
There's also whole-paragraph formatting and lots of other delights.
Rudi's has a Typesetting section past the initial
list of recent changes to his software.

Feel free to continue discussing neatroff here along with general troff

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