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Re: neatroff for Russian. (Was: Questions concerning hyphenation pattern

From: Oliver Corff
Subject: Re: neatroff for Russian. (Was: Questions concerning hyphenation patterns for non-Latin languages, e.g. Russian)
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2023 13:15:15 +0200
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Hi Ralph,

thank you very much for mentioning neatroff. In principle, I am aware
that there are other implementations, all with their particular unique
features, but I never dived into anything other than groff so far (also
due to the fruitful and friendly exchange on this mailing list), and
neatroff was to me known by name only.

I'll have a look at neatroff during the weekend.

I also noticed heirloom troff (and their font support) but so far
haven't managed to build it from source. Their system layout has some

Best regards,


On 26/04/2023 13:10, Ralph Corderoy wrote:
Hi Oliver,

Are you aware there are other troff implementations than GNU's groff?
Neatroff is one.  Ali Gholami Rudi wrote it because he wanted better
Unicode support for foreign languages, including right-to-left text.
He seems very much of your mould in needs.

A good summary of its features is
I see UTF-8 hyphenation files mentioned.
There's also whole-paragraph formatting and lots of other delights.
Rudi's has a Typesetting section past the initial
list of recent changes to his software.

Feel free to continue discussing neatroff here along with general troff

Dr. Oliver Corff

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