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Re: [mom] Extraneous empty line that starts a new page

From: Frederic Chartier
Subject: Re: [mom] Extraneous empty line that starts a new page
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2023 23:39:13 +0200

On 2023-04-24 21:59 -0400, Peter Schaffter wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 24, 2023, Frederic Chartier wrote:
> > I'm running groff 1.22.3, by the way. It's been patched but not
> > since 2016 so if it's bugs I'm seeing, they're not new.
> Can you check whether you're using the latest version of mom
> (2.5_c)?  If not, you can get it at
> The mom version that ships with 1.22.3 is quite out of date; this
> may have a bearing on your problem.

mom 2.5_c gives completely different results. The output now
looks much more like what I was aiming for. No spurious empty
paragraphs before the tables (S.E.P.B.T.). No extra blank page.
No vertical space above "Second heading". And no warnings.

It looks like whatever caused S.E.P.B.T. was fixed between 2.1_c
and 2.5_c. Have the other problems been corrected as well or
merely disturbed out of existence when the tables got shifted
upwards ? Not sure, but they haven't resurfaced on the longer
document I'm working on here so, for now, I suppose we can
assume the former. Sorry if I made you chase dead bugs. :-/

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