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Re: [mom] Extraneous empty line that starts a new page

From: Peter Schaffter
Subject: Re: [mom] Extraneous empty line that starts a new page
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2023 14:26:06 -0400

Frederic --

At 2023-04-24T01:37:00+0200, Frederic Chartier wrote:
> I've stumbled on another problem with -mom. There is a table at
> the bottom of a page. After the table, something inserts what
> behaves like a line feed and Groff warns that
>     [mom]: '', macro TE, line 61:
>             Insufficient room for label, caption, and/or source after
>             table on page 1.  Omitting, but continuing to process.
> environment stack underflow
> Two things strike me as odd about these messages. First, the
> table in question has no label, caption or source so why warn
> about it ? Second, "environment stack underflow" sounds like
> something went wrong in mom's internals.
> If anyone cares, is attached. With the .NEWPAGE
> after the table page 2 is empty (except for the header) and
> "Second heading" is pushed back to page 3. Without the .NEWPAGE,
> "Second heading" is on page 2 as it should be but too low.

I'm unable to reproduce either of these problems with mom 2.5_c.  As
posted earlier, I suspect updating your version of mom may be all
that's required.

Peter Schaffter

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