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Re: groff-1.23.0.rc4 - no ./configure?

From: Alejandro Colomar
Subject: Re: groff-1.23.0.rc4 - no ./configure?
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2023 00:25:14 +0200
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Hi Branden!

On 4/25/23 00:14, G. Branden Robinson wrote:
> Hi Oliver,
> At 2023-04-24T22:40:23+0200, Oliver Corff wrote:
>> I went to today to
>> download the rc4 tarball groff-1.23.0.rc4.tar.gz and unpacked the
>> archive.
> I've made the same mistake myself!
> The official distribution archives are not available via the cgit
> interface.  cgit doesn't know about FSF deployment procedures and hasn't
> been taught.

Curious way to put it.  I wondered something along those lines recently:
Is it possible to teach cgit how to create a tarball?  It would be nice
if I just made a tag and cgit would do the automated process necessary
for the tarball.

Moreover, I considered not releasing tarballs anymore as a possibility,
since one can produce them following some repeatable command.

Would I be able to teach cgit to run

    $ make dist-gz

And then find the tarball in ./.tmp/$(git describe).tar.gz ?


> As noted in the RC announcement email[1], you need to get the
> distribution archive from the website.
>> How do I configure the makefile? I fail to see a ./configure script.
> Carlos's response here was correct--you have to use the INSTALL.REPO
> instructions if you want to build from the Git repository--but if you
> want to provide feedback on the release candidate, then that's not the
> procedure to follow.
> Regards,
> Branden
> [1]

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