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[mom] Extraneous empty line that starts a new page

From: Frederic Chartier
Subject: [mom] Extraneous empty line that starts a new page
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2023 01:37:00 +0200

I've stumbled on another problem with -mom. There is a table at
the bottom of a page. After the table, something inserts what
behaves like a line feed and Groff warns that

    [mom]: '', macro TE, line 61:
            Insufficient room for label, caption, and/or source after
            table on page 1.  Omitting, but continuing to process. environment stack underflow

Two things strike me as odd about these messages. First, the
table in question has no label, caption or source so why warn
about it ? Second, "environment stack underflow" sounds like
something went wrong in mom's internals.

If anyone cares, is attached. With the .NEWPAGE
after the table page 2 is empty (except for the header) and
"Second heading" is pushed back to page 3. Without the .NEWPAGE,
"Second heading" is on page 2 as it should be but too low.

Am I doing something wrong ?
I hope it's not a 

Description: Text document

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