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Terminal problem? man formatting problem?

From: Oliver Corff
Subject: Terminal problem? man formatting problem?
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2023 12:23:06 +0200
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Dear all,

I came across a minor case of misbehaviour when trying to open html
links in man pages.

$ man 7 roff

has a section "SEE ALSO" with a number of links to Internet sites.

The first link under "History of Unix Manpages"
⟨⟩ is ready for opening in the
browser once the mouse hovers over it but cannot be opened (404 file not
found) because the closing parenthesis ")" erroneously makes its way
into the link. See also the automated highlighting (on my terminal via
underlining). The underlined region includes the closing parenthesis
(but not the opening parenthesis).

However, the next link ( is activated correctly.

It seems to be that URLs ending in top-level domains are recognized
correctly whereas URS with a page element (.../history.html in the first
example) are not recognized correctly.

Is this an issue of the terminal (I use lxterminal 0.4.0) of of the
formatting process chain?

The manpage source code is structurally identical in both cases:

.\" on-screen URL highlighting includes closing parenthesis, Ctrl+Left
Click produces wrong URL (closing with ")")
.UR http://\\:history.html

.\" on-screen URL highlighting does not include closing parenthesis,
Ctrl+Left Click produces correct URL
.UR http://\

Best regards,


PS: This machine runs groff 1.22.4, please forgive me if this is already
fixed in the upcoming 1.23.0 release.

Dr. Oliver Corff

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